Does Aquavit have a dress code?

Does Aquavit have a dress code?

Does Aquavit have a dress code?

Contact — Aquavit. Our dress code in the Dining Room is smart casual. Reservations and general inquiries: please call 212-307-7311 or visit our reservations page.

How much does Aquavit NYC cost?

The restaurant’s regular dinner tasting menu runs $115 to $225 per person, prices it can command based on the skill of the chefs, the quality of the ingredients, and the level of service. On its best days, the restaurant serves up to 400 patrons and employs a staff of about 55, including 15 to 18 in the kitchen.

How many Michelin stars does Aquavit have?

two Michelin stars
The Scandinavian restaurant had been an institution in Midtown for more than 30 years—even though restaurant gossipers through the decades always seemed to think it was closing its doors—and in November 2018, Aquavit was awarded two Michelin stars.

What kind of food can you eat at Aquavit?

Swedish Aquavit matches very well with pizza, grilled food or fish.

  • Fat & salty food. O.P. Anderson Aquavit works well with savory dishes – such as a heavy pizza or even a dim sum soup.
  • Anything from the grill. Grilled beef or anything with a burnt surface in general.
  • Nordic cuisine.

Who is the chef at aquavit?

Chef Emma Bengtsson
Chef Emma Bengtsson reflects Swedish heritage with new menu at Aquavit restaurant in New York. Long before the New Nordic movement burst onto the global culinary scene, even before the term “fusion” became a source of fascination and then derision in the food world, there was Aquavit.

What is aquavit distilled from?

A neutral spirit distilled from grain or potato (much like vodka or gin), aquavit is most commonly flavored with caraway as its dominant spice, though dill is prevalent as well. Styles of aquavit vary and often include other spices, such as fennel, coriander, citrus and anise.

What does aquavit taste like?

What Does Aquavit Taste Like? Aquavit, especially when unaged, has a neutral background flavor similar to vodka. At the forefront are the flavorings, with caraway up top—think rye bread but in spirit form. The herbaceous flavor is supported by other aromatics like dill, fennel, anise, and clove.

Does Marcus Samuelsson own aquavit?

Marcus Samuelsson, chef and co-owner of Restaurant Aquavit, has received more accolades than most chefs receive in a lifetime: He was the youngest chef ever to receive a three-star restaurant review from The New York Times from Ruth Reichl in 1995.

How do you serve aquavit?

In both the Scandinavian countries and northern Germany, aquavit is usually served chilled and unmixed, in small (tulip) glasses, and is usually accompanied by appetizers or sandwiches. Some drinkers prefer it in shots, a glass at a time, because they find the taste of aquavit difficult to accommodate.

Who is the owner of Aquavit restaurant?

Hakan Swahn
Aquavit has been an NYC dining fixture since 1987. It’s not the first time owner Hakan Swahn has switched things up, previously moving the main dining room to the front space.

Is Aquavit a liqueur?

Aquavit is the national liquor of most of the Nordic countries. Nowadays it is a popular ingredient in cocktails, too. An aquavit is made by infusing the selected herbs and spices, such as caraway and dill, in alcohol which is then distilled and further blended with alcohol and pure water.