Can you pay Hong Kong tax with credit card?

Can you pay Hong Kong tax with credit card?

Can you pay Hong Kong tax with credit card?

How can I pay tax in Hong Kong? Pay your tax bill through online banking or mobile apps by credit cards. Some credit cards even offer rebates for tax payment. Pay your tax bill through a mobile banking app or e-wallet that supports Government FPS bill payments simply by scanning the QR code on the IRD bills.

How do I pay my Hang Seng credit card with tax?

Visit logon to Hang Seng Personal e-banking, then select “P.P Payment Platform” > “Bill Payment” > “Pay Bills” For “Payee”, select “Government/Statutory Organizations” and “INLAND REVENUE DEPARTMENT”

How do I pay my Hang Seng credit card with FPS?


  1. Log on Hang Seng Mobile App, select “Transfer & Pay” from the bottom menu.
  2. Select “Transfer & FPS”
  3. Select transfer to “My Hang Seng Account” or “Register payee” or “New payee”
  4. If you have selected “New payee”, select an applicable payee type (i.e. Phone / email / FPS ID / account number / credit card number)

How do I pay my HSBC Hang Seng credit card?

You can log on to Personal e-Banking, choose “Account Services”, “Pay Bills” and follow the instructions to make the payment+. You may need to raise the transfer limit(s) before making transfer and payment (e.g. tax or other bills). Please click here for details.

Can I pay tax with a credit card?

Yes, you can pay taxes with a credit card, but the real question is, should you? Unlike paying your taxes with a bank account transfer, credit card payments aren’t free. You’ll wind up incurring a fee that’s a percentage of your tax payment. The fee you’re charged varies by the payment processor you choose.

Can I pay income tax through credit card?

Yes, you can make your tax payment using: Authorized Bank Debit Card, or. Authorized Bank Net Banking facility, or. Payment Gateway (Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking of Non-Authorized Banks or UPI)

Can you pay tax by credit card?

There’s a fee if you pay by corporate credit card or corporate debit card. The fee is not refundable. There’s no fee if you pay by personal debit card.

WHAT IS A Shroff account Number?

The Shroff Account Number for electronic payments, which is an 11-digit number (containing dashes and letters), is printed on this document. The first numbers have to be deleted as you get started. In case of payment by phone or at the ATM, the ‘A’ has to be deleted.

How do I transfer money on Hang Seng?

Log on to Hang Seng Personal e-Banking (Desktop version), go to the main menu and choose “P.P Payment Platform” > “Transfer” > “Overseas Transfer”.

How do I pay back my credit card bill?

Methods to Pay Credit Card Payment Online

  1. Through internet banking.
  2. NEFT/RTGS online funds transfer.
  3. IMPS Method.
  4. Through BillDesk.
  5. Auto debit facility.
  6. Mobile wallets and payment systems.

How do I increase my credit limit with Hang Seng?

You can increase your credit card limit by completing and submitting the “Request for Increase in Credit Card Limit Form* in Personal e-Banking (Select “Credit Cards” > “Other Related Services” from the service menu). The request must be submitted by the Principal Card cardholder.