Can you have great grandchildren in BitLife?

Can you have great grandchildren in BitLife?

Can you have great grandchildren in BitLife?

Well, technically it is possible. You need to have children as early as physically possible even if it’s against your morals. It increases your chances of great-grandchildren by having as many children as you can during your youthful years.

What is the highest paying job in BitLife 2020?

The highest paying job in BitLife is going to be a Lead Actor or Singer. These careers both get you the fame bar, which can also be used to get a lot of money. The careers themselves have a high salary, but you can also use the Fame tab to write a book, film a commercial, and pose in a magazine.

What would you do if you won the lottery paragraph?

If I win a lottery, I would buy a beautiful bungalow in a nice colony and lead a peaceful life. Buying a lottery ticket at least keeps our hopes alive of becoming rich overnight. Even if I don’t win anything, there is no harm in living in the dream world for some days.

What’s the oldest you can live in BitLife?

A character can be a baby from age 0-2, a small short-haired child from age 3-7, an older child and teen with longer hair from 8-20, an adult from 21-64, or an elder from age 65+. Following a new update on emojis, it is possible that characters can have grey or white hair from age 45-64.

Can you be born as a twin in BitLife?

Yes you can be born as a twin.

Can you date your sister in BitLife?

Bitlife has added features like divorce along with arranged marriage, due to which relationships like Step Siblings have also come in Bitlife. When your mother or father will marry someone else after divorce, then your stepmother or father’s children can become your half brothers or sisters in the relationship.

How do I get a billion dollars in BitLife?

To become a Billionaire in BitLife, it will require us to be a famous actor, do commercials, sell products via social media, and then get a whole bunch of houses that will gain value as we head into old age.

Can you still become a leprechaun in BitLife?

To become a Leprechaun in Bitlife, you will need to simply click on jobs and browse the tab and find Leprechaun as a job among the listings. Once you find the job found, all you need to do is click on it and apply to the job to become a Leprechaun.

How do BitLife go viral?

Going viral is pretty random, but in my experience it usually centered around either posting a sexy picture or a thirst trap. These are kind of the same deal, but to give yourself a better chance at achieving a viral post, you will want to make sure your Looks stat is as high as possible!

Can you arrange a marriage in BitLife?

You can have an arranged marriage set up in BitLife. You may see your parents attempting to offer you to marry the same person multiple times over your playthrough. Whenever they arrange the marriage, though, you do have the option to refuse to marry the individual they offer you.

What’s the youngest you can get married in BitLife?


How can you tell if someone is a royal in BitLife?

Right below your four basic stats, you will see a fifth bar that designates your Respect as a royal, much like Fame determines how famous you are as a singer, actor, or any other type of BitLife celebrity.

How do I marry before 20 in BitLife?

Once your relationship is high enough, you can then marry them by clicking the propose option under their name. You should also try to get their relationship meter high by giving them gifts so you can marry them before the age of 20, to complete the next challenge objective.

Can you be adopted in BitLife?

To adopt a kid in BitLife, you will need at least $20,000 and own a home. Each kid has a different price that you need to pay to adopt them, and you can’t adopt a child without owning some property! You have to be 18 or over to get the adoption option available to you.

What is karma in BitLife?

Karma is an element to BitLife. Doing good actions will increase karma and doing bad actions will lower karma. Karma helps a player live longer and get through tough situations easier. After a character dies, it will say the level of karma they had along with their overall happiness.

How do you always win the lottery on BitLife?

To win the lottery in BitLife, you will just have to purchase tickets over and over and hope you win. To help increase the speed in which you win, you can purchase 10 at a time. This will set you back $50 bucks, but it speeds up the process.

Is it possible to win lottery in BitLife?

Like the lottery in real life, the only way you can win the lottery in BitLife is to keep playing it. Prepare yourself to see the statement, “You did not win the lottery jackpot” a lot. Eventually, though, with some luck, you can win the lottery, and the huge jackpot can be yours in BitLife.

Can you have a sports career in BitLife?

To become a professional athlete for any sport, you want to start playing it fairly early when your character is in middle school or high school. You can do this by taking up an extracurricular activity and joining the respective sports club.

Can you marry a celebrity in BitLife?

Celebrities have made their way to BitLife, and you can interact with them on the various social media platforms available in the game. Beyond these minor interactions and being able to share the posts, you won’t be able to date or marry and of the known celebrities that appear in BitLife.

Where can I find a unicorn in BitLife?

To find a Unicorn in BitLife, you will literally just have to age up and encounter one at random. There is seemingly no way to influence this and you just need to be lucky enough to run into one. Each time you age up, you get a chance to encounter an animal of some sort.

Can you be a celebrity in BitLife?

The easiest method to becoming famous is to become a social media influencer. You can do this by joining any of the social media outlets in BitLife, and posting to those every day, interacting with your followers. The more your post and interact with your fan base, the more famous you’ll become.

What careers can you get famous from in BitLife?

To become famous in BitLife, you are going to need to maximize your looks and approach a low level job like Lounge Singer, Voiceover Actor, Disc Jockey, Puppeteer, and even doing social media. Work hard each year to maximize your ability to get a promotion, and you will eventually reach the apex of each career.

Can you date family in BitLife?

To marry into royalty in BitLife, you will need to get access to a member of the royal family. This can be done in a couple of different ways. One is that you can use the Love and dating option to randomly find someone who is part of the family. They will ask you out and you can date them that way.

How do you become popular in BitLife school?

I think when you are in middle/high/secondary school, join extracurricular activities and/or join a clique (hipsters I recommend). If you become treasurer or co captain of a sports group, it boasts popularity.

Is BitLife appropriate for 13 year olds?

Adult is Recommended All kids and teens wouldn’t play BitLife. BitLife look like ESRB Adult Only. This game contains inappropriate for all kids and teens due to it’s life simulator. It’s more appropriate than most adult games.