Can Love Happen Twice worth reading?

Can Love Happen Twice worth reading?

Can Love Happen Twice worth reading?

Overall, it’s an a-okay book to read because the author doesn’t match readers’ expectations this time. Ravin and Khushi’s love story was far better than Ravin and Simar’s, and it’s also obvious to compare two of these relationships with each other.

Can Love Happen Twice by Ravinder Singh summary?

In Can Love Happen Twice?, Ravinder Singh again introduces us to Ravin, who is coping with the death of his girlfriend Khushi. He then shifts to Brussels where he meets Simar, a rich and pampered girl with whom he falls in love.

Who is the wife of Ravinder Singh?

Khushboo ChauhanRavinder Singh / Wife (m. 2012)

Can Love Happen Twice is a real story or fiction?

The first book was based on a true story, the author’s own love story. Not that the writing style of the book was great, but the story touched the heart of many, for its simplicity and honesty. For all the author had been through in his life, the readers felt empathy for him.

Can Love Happen Twice best lines?

“That he was so madly immersed in the love of his mortal girlfriend that, after she was gone, forever, he wrote an immortal love story in her memory?” ― Ravinder Singh, Can Love Happen Twice? “And to shape up my future it is not essential that I forget my past.” ― Ravinder Singh, Can Love Happen Twice?

Can Love Happen Twice is second part of I Too Had A Love Story?

Can Love Happen Twice? is one of the best romance books and a highly anticipated sequel to the blockbuster book I Too Had a Life. It deals with the protagonist’s second attempt at life after the untimely demise of his first lover. The book takes off from exactly where its sequel had ended.

Can we fall in love twice book?

While the readers came across the passionate and realistic love that Rabin felt for Khushi in ‘I Too Had A Love Story’ and eventually dealt with the tragedy of her death, ‘Can Love Happen Twice?’ portrays how even true love can happen more than once.

What is the age of Ravinder Singh?

40 years (February 4, 1982)Ravinder Singh / Age

Is there a continuation of Can Love Happen Twice?

Yes it obviously CAN..!! “Can Love Happen Twice?” is again based on Ravinder Singh’s life and it kind of continues from where he left in “I too had a love story”. He wrote “I too Had a love story” in memory of Khushi whom he immortalised.

Can love Happens second time?

Yes it CAN! Love can happen twice. i say this because it is a simple experienced fact. the death of a love is really painful and people who have experienced this can only know how it feels.