Are AEM cold air intakes good?

Are AEM cold air intakes good?

Are AEM cold air intakes good?

According to AEM Product Engineer John Conciadi “Excellent air inlet temperature management ensures consistent and reliable power.” This means that AEM cold air intake owners can feel confident knowing that their intake system is designed to make usable horsepower, safely, and consistently.

Do you need a tune for a AEM cold air intake?

Do You Need A Tune For Intake And Exhaust? If you install a cold air intake on your car, there is no need to tune it. You shouldn’t spend money on tuning your car just to optimize the cold air intake because it is not worth it. You can upgrade your car’s air intake without tuning it with a cold air intake.

Is AEM a good car intake brand?

One of the top dogs in the performance air intake industry, AEM has been designing air intakes for nearly 25 years. AEM products are put to the test on the streets and on the track day after day. With several styles and options to choose from, you’re sure to find an AEM intake system that’s perfect for you.

Is AEM owned by K&N?

So today I was talking to a few of my suppliers/Distributors and found out the K&N bought out AEM…. They did this a few weeks ago, and apparently until K&N straightens out what they are going to do with AEM production of new intakes has stopped.

Can cold air intake damage your engine?

Yes, in case of a cold air intake damaging your engine. As a result, it is likely you can reduce the chances of these issues with proper installation, care, and maintenance. Furthermore, knowing which signs of a problem indicate action may prevent more serious damage.

What intake gives the most horsepower?

10 Best Cold Air Intakes for More Horsepower

  • K&N 71 Series Blackhawk Air Intake.
  • Injen SP Series Cold Air Intake.
  • AIRAID Intake System.
  • Volant Cold Air Intake.
  • K&N 57 Series Cold Air Intake.
  • Injen Power-Flow Cold Air Intake.
  • Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit.
  • K&N 77 Series Cold Air Intake.

Does K&N own AEM?

Did K&N buy AEM?